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Tech Industry Giants seek Collaborative Fluid Design
Inscape Projects Group

The Tech industry may be leading the way in disruption in other industries but when it comes to their own, they actively seek higher functioning work environments.

Take Skype’s Northern American office space which has transformed over 16,000m2 into a series of 3 distinct styles of work zones: collaboration, concentration and contemplation.

  • Collaboration zones (meeting rooms, coffee kiosks, white board areas) are centred along main access spines on each level which encourages staff to literally ‘meet in the middle’.
  • Concentration zones (workstation areas) are pushed to the building perimeter and benefit from natural light and lower noise levels.
  • Contemplation spaces are interspersed in the form of overlapping casual lounges.

Throughout the building, pods or enclosed meeting spaces allow for greater noise control of larger meetings and teleconferencing.

Success with these design projects are achieved through managing the project from end-to-end: design, construct and furnish. What results is spaces that people want to work and create in.
At Inscape Projects Group we are working with a growing number of clients who want to provide their employees with fluid work spaces.
We work with clients to design work spaces that can be easily transformed, as we have seen with Design Blitz’s approach to Skype with their mobile whiteboards that can act as an anchor for informal meetings or to capture random thoughts that can be shared.

Google’s Dublin headquarters plays host to employees from 38 countries and where 46 languages are spoken within the office, with the common language everyone seems to speak is ‘fun’. This is their brand and it is what enables their creativity. So much so, that they incorporate their brand into the works space, with work docks actually in the giant letters.

As with Skype there are many non-standard office spaces and collaborative areas such as this lounge can be found throughout the complex.
Similarly with ebay whose culture is fun as it brings the world’s biggest shopping centre on line where you can buy just about anything. Ebay worked closely with their commercial design partner to incorporate noise proof fun zones as well as work zones that spoke to the energy of the business. This is demonstrated in the furniture chosen as in these bar table and stools in this meeting room.

With the shift in the work environment moving to more flexible approaches to work and lifestyle, larger organisations are listening and watching the dynamics of their workforce and incorporating this into their office design.
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