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Inscape are thrilled to have design and constructed the new Inland Rail Narrabri design Hub. The new design and town planning workspace was designed and built as a central space as it is focused on public interaction. The hub provides the public with a principal point of contact for information on government initiative and has also brought jobs to the local community.

Built on a historic site and home to a series of businesses for one hundred years, ranging from a hotel to a mechanics. All work was to ensure the build was mindful of its historic architecture, surroundings and its impact on the local vicinity of the buildings.

The design embraces its rural setting by blending in with its surroundings, pleasing residents and meeting the requirements of the client. The main office and public space is maximised and allows the reception and meeting rooms to be visible from the approach and entrance to the building.

The overall look and feel of the space are focused on using natural timbers and features, with cultural elements, keeping it modern but delivering a connection to the Inland Rail history. Historic imagery chosen by the client is used across the windows to create an impact. The dynamic space has a variety of meeting rooms which incorporates topographical maps of the contours in the local land featured as privacy stickers and meeting rooms named after indigenous culture.

The local community was involved throughout the project, which was vital, local trades were used in the build which helped create a sense of involvement throughout the public and deepen the connection with its design intent. We are proud to work with Inland Rail in the trust of our design, and delivery of the hub which benefits and offers opportunity for the local community for years to come.



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