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Project Overview

Proximity is a leading professional services organisation providing legal, procurement and commercial advisory solutions. Proximity approached Inscape with its desire to create a new space that had to be an environment where their staff and clients felt comfortable. It also needed to showcase the firm’s community connections, reflect its values, be enduring, down to earth and creative.

We ran the project from strategy to construction management. Leading a process that flattened out the hierarchy of traditional legal workplaces and laid the foundation for future change and development. We learned through workshops that the old soloed legal workplace was out.  For Proximity to reach their business goals, connectivity was key and our open plan design supports both focused and collaborative work.

Proximity’s business model involves working onsite with their clients. This meant having over 50 staff could be accommodated in a 300m2 agile working environment. Inscape proposed a workplace model that was highly collaborative with a range of work settings arranged in neighborhoods, with no assigned seats or enclosed offices.



Project Delivery