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Inscape Project Group is part of a global network of office system manufacturers and distributors. The company is design focused and places a high degree of emphasis on quality and reliability.

The selection of materials are in line with the world’s best practice and the workstation systems are based on sustainable technologies to reduce environmental impact.

Inscape Projects Group have commissioned leading designers, architects, engineers and experienced trades personnel to create this new ground breaking range that responds to today’s changing commercial environment.

Inscape Projects Group office systems allow you to create a vast variety of work environments that will suit any space. There are hundreds of configurations and possibilities within each system. Systems can be easily combined using Inscape’s unique modular system, allowing for even more flexibility. A variety of colours and accessories make the Inscape’s system a perfect solution to any desired work environment.

Inscape’s systems facilitate the use of a broad range of integrated technology, including voice and data ports, power outlets, and task lighting. The innovative design of the systems is such that all of the integrated
technology is managed in an efficient, upgradable and user friendly way.

At Inscape we offer an after-care program assures you of “peace of mind” from concept to completion and beyond. We believe that after-care is paramount to a successful working relationship with our clients.

The “Inscape Projects Group Certificate” may cover specific areas that you will find are important to you and your employees, including:

One on one interviews with managers after installation to ensure:

  • Final adjustments to chairs and workstations.
  • Task lighting is fully operational.
  • No loose parts in work areas such as overheads, pedestals filing and counter space.
  • Address any ergonomic issue with employees.
  • Keys and paper management in correct areas.
  • Final walk through with management to review all contracted work.