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Office Workstations in Sydney, Orange, Bathurst, Dubbo Showing Off New Design Trends

The office. One’s immediate reaction might be a bland, soulless space devoid of personality. A dull prison of boring colours, dim lights, and plain furniture. In the past, the office was where dreams went to die and creativity was smothered by an unsatisfying, lifeless atmosphere. While that may still be the case in some places, fast forward to 2016 and you’ll find something radically different going on in offices designed by Inscape Projects. We supply expertly designed and constructed office workstations in Sydney, Bathurst, Dubbo, and across the nation. We are on the cutting edge of aesthetically pleasing office environments, and stay current on the latest in office design trends to continually deliver superior products and services. Just what are some of these 21st Century innovations that are transforming the modern office space? Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular:

Open Floor Plans.

The thought of an office once conjured up frightful images of confining, boxed off workstations. A walled in “cubicle-land” with atrocious acoustics, little room to move, and no views of anything except more cubicles. Now, driven partly by the new work attitudes brought to the office by hip, technologically savvy, team-based Millennials, the open floor plan has become a big success. Smaller workstations without physical barriers between and fewer permanent desks. There are various practical and aesthetic benefits to this office setup. The increase of open space results in more natural light and a stronger connection to the outdoors, which helps workers avoid the feeling that they’re in a prison. To further capitalise on this, some offices even open up to the outdoors and have seasonal flora that has a permanent home in the office. The open office space makes the flooring more prominent and provides a nice big open space for sound to travel through. Gone are those days of muffled cubicle-to-cubicle yelling.

Strong Colours.

The office of the future is a colourful office. Forget the days where everything was beige, brown, or that weird grey colour that changed with the lighting. Modern workstations include bolder brighter colours. Not just on the floors and walls, mind you, but the furniture as well is evolving to include powerful orange, red, blue, green and even purple hues. Combining white with accents of strong colours is also a new favourite that helps liven the office atmosphere and bring some soul back into the workplace.

Density, Flexibility, Expandability.

This one isn’t immediately obvious, but with opening up all those spaces and nixing those individual office workstations, the possibility arises of not having to sit at a restrictive desk all day. There are now areas in offices for standing, lounging, and collaborating in group instead of a lone worker-drone. You don’t even have to stay tied to one space. Flexibility means moving around, and that movement helps people be more creative, alleviate a bit of stress, and feel happier at the office.

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