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The Beauty of Connecting Commercial Design and Nature
Inscape Projects Group

When commercial design and nature become one, it transcends us to place of peace and overall health and wellbeing. Dating back to the Egyptians who had papyrus ponds in their homes or the famous hanging gardens of Babylon, there has been a consistent desire to connect humans and nature.

It has been proven that the bond between humans and nature is a key part of our health and wellbeing as a species. Creating this bond can reduce stress, improve intellectual function and creativity, which is why there has been a high demand within the commercial design industry to captivate natural elements and connect it into the work environment.

When commercial design and nature have been blended beautifully it truly is an amazing sight. We have complied some of the most masterfully design commercial builds around the world that combine our inner needs as humans and urban design.

Look closely at the first floor of this amazing concept forest house in Poland. It beautifully levitates and mirrors the surroundings of the forest. The building blends and reflects into the environment connecting the physical with the ephemeral. This concept also won an architecture award at Iconic Awards 2015.

We have furthered our desired to connect with nature not just in the home but into our workspace. The balance between nature and commercial design at the Cairns Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre designed by Charles Wright Architects.

Majestic. Dynamic. A breath of fresh air. This beautiful Thorncrown Chapel by E. Fay Jones, is redefining commercial design that breaks the barriers between urban design and natural design. The connection this design creates between commercial design and the human desire to stay connected with the landscape ticks every box.

Reflecting pool at the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts by Tadao Ando, St. Louis. The symmetry of this commercial build is beyond unbelievable. The presence of the water just enhances the beauty of blending natural elements with urban design by enhances the experience of all senses.

Façade renovation of Suites Avenue Aparthotel by Toyo Ito, Barcelona, Spain. Even within a typical urban commercial design there is a subtle but beautiful nod to biomorphic forms and patterns persistent in nature.