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Gallup is a renowned global analytics and business advisory firm that focuses on assisting leaders and organizations in solving their most pressing issues. Our mandate was to design a space that not only delivers an authentic experience but also showcases their brand, while enabling their team of specialists to work and live differently. Additionally, the space needed to take advantage of the harbour views that align with the professional services provided at their North Sydney Headquarters.

Our design concept incorporated homely elements to create a more relaxed working ambiance, with soft grey furnishings, and subtle bursts of color referencing the brand, such as yellow tones in the rugs. The custom-made pendant lights featured in the casual break-out area added sophistication, while a neon light logo in the lobby caught the eye and announced the company name to visitors and passersby.

Upon completion of the project, Gallup employees provided positive feedback on the space, confirming that our design successfully met their needs and delivered on our mandate.

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