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When it came to creating our Inscape North Sydney headquarters, we wanted to design a space that would enhance, emphasize and innovate our brand image and values. With the extra wow factor of the surrounding panoramic views of North Sydney and the harbour. This show-stopping view was a huge bonus with our space, but we needed to make sure our design also complimented it.

Not only did the space need to become a modern and efficient place for work but also a spectacular showroom of what our innovative team can do.

We designed a luxurious and stylish space which has a weight with the touch of marble and natural wood. With notes of industrial textures and materials like concrete and black iron pipe frames. At the centrepiece of the suite is the custom marble island bar, which was a design element to bring teams together to collaborate. Which encourages a work hard, play hard feel, a place where the team can come together and socialise. The curved banquette seating and planter creates a warm welcoming to guests while providing ample seating. Custom lights made with copper wire are also strung over the kitchen counter to brighten the office further. Whilst workstations follow the curve of the building offering a constant view of the harbour

Our Inscape team love their new office and we are very proud to work there, as it has enabled a more professional and aspirational brand image.

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