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JustCo‘s Levels 19, 20 and 21 at 135 King Street is a testament to Inscape’s commitment to creating exceptional working spaces. This project was specifically tailored to the needs of Justco, who recently relocated their Sydney headquarters across three levels.

Recognising their vision for an ideal coworking office, we seamlessly joined forces with their design team in Singapore. Our collaborative efforts ensured that their unique perspective and requirements were successfully incorporated into the design process.

At the heart of the design lies a stunning marble reception area illuminated by strategically placed spotlights. This captivating entrance leaves an indelible impression on visitors, setting the tone for the experience within the space. The three floors have been thoughtfully planned to accommodate JustCo’s diverse range of tenants, offering a seamless flow between different work areas, private meeting spaces, and communal zones.

A custom reception desk, designed with precision and elegance, ensures that every visitor feels warmly welcomed and valued. Plush banquet seating throughout the space provides both comfort and flexibility, promoting interactions and networking opportunities among tenants. Additionally, the inclusion of a design library and a standout event space overlooking Pitt Street further elevates the overall coworking experience, making breaks and meetings truly memorable.

The resulting space is a true reflection of JustCo’s vision and the essence of a modern coworking office. Exquisite stylings and attention to detail have transformed the premises into a premier workspace that not only meets but surpasses the expectations of its occupants.

We want to extend our appreciation to JustCo for entrusting us with the realisation of their vision. As we embark on future projects together, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to further redefine and elevate the coworking experience.

Sydney, NSW


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