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The latest addition of our client partnership with Kelly and Partners is their new Penrith office. The essence of design has been guided by The K+P Playbook, unique to Kelly and Partners philosophy; neighbourhoods being clearly separated boldly between work; collaboration, and play spaces.

Clean white lines and powerful blues, embody the regal; superior feel of assurance and safety – exactly what you want in your financial partners.

The journey begins right away, as you enter the lobby a timeline that traces the noteworthy moments of the brand history and tells the story of the company to its visitors. It was especially important to establish a strong sense of place identity which was achieved with the wall graphics and messaging.  An important feature of the project is a large moss wall and room dividers with fabrics and plants to absorb acoustic noises. Inscape created several custom design elements for the office such as a colourful running track, tv display, a front of house reception desk and coffee machine joinery. Workstations were also grouped into teams for better communication.

Iconic elements of the brand fill up the individual spaces, across the signage and meeting room names. Supplemented by aspirational signage – and digital goal setting this company is all about valuing their clients and going the extra mile to get it done. An overall commitment to the accounting firms’ dynamic brand and presence.

The resulting space was embraced by the Kelly and Partners team, while providing an enriching home for their next chapter. Inscapes continue to look forward to continuing to be part of their journey.



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