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Mulpha are pioneers of real estate and property-related services and financial services and recently engaged with Inscape to create an office which reflected their reputation and brand.

Mulpha are prominently situated at the heart of Sydney’s CBD within Transport House. A renowned heritage site and one of the oldest commercial government buildings.

Prior to the project the Mulpha team were disjointed, with staff based separately within Transport House. The project goal was to bring the teams together, creating a sense of a place that is memorable and rewarding, in an inspiring and collaborative workspace which is in line with the legacy of the heritage building.

Our team transformed a full floor of existing hotel rooms into a multi-functional coworking office space. The space incorporates both office and a variety of meeting rooms to an exciting kitchen break out area.

Stepping through the front doors, the front of house maintains the welcoming hotel lounge features with soft curves which enhance the space from the custom-made reception in a timber finish with a custom moss feature wall. This mix of finishes create a strong visual focal point and a sense of arrival.

To encourage the flow of natural light the office space goes around in a circle that allows staff to enjoy views of the harbour, making it easier for the team to look up from their desk and glance a beautiful view. With conference rooms enclosed offices creating privacy placed at the core of the space.

The result is an inspiring workspace that connects the Mulpha team and helps optimise their productivity in an environment they can be proud of.

Sydney, NSW


Change of use from Class 2 to Class 5 Office and Conference Space