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Proximity is a prominent provider of legal and commercial services with a strong focus on its people and an aspirational culture. The office space is a testament to this commitment, designed to foster a positive and inspiring working environment.

Upon arrival, employees and guests are welcomed by bold signage featuring Proximity’s updated branding, which embodies the company’s fun and energetic culture. The sleek front-of-house meeting suites provide privacy for client interviews, a crucial factor in driving business growth. The space is designed for flexibility, featuring office pods, phone booths, and various work settings that encourage agile work practices.

In its rebranding, Proximity places a focus on the sidekicks of superheroes, who provide unique skills and talents to support the hero in the face of adversity. The heart of the space is a breakout area showcasing indigenous artwork with bright colours and splashes of colour, creating an open and inclusive seating area.

Overall, the office space is a reflection of Proximity’s cultural principles and succeeds in providing a positive and supportive environment for its employees.



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