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Inscapes design intent was to create an inspirational venue that engaged with existing and new patrons, reflecting the cool and laid-back vibe elements entrenched in a Bondi dining experience.

Vital the space planning was to create inclusive ambiance, with a fresh appeal, that captured the essence of being a local beach hub of socialization, facilitating event and hospitality experiences.

Centrefold in the creation of ambiance – was the feature and mood lighting designed by Inscape to for patrons to experience what it might feel like to dine under a canopy of stars. Supplemented by use of biophilic design, greenery gives the feelings of being the tropics and accents the reclaimed timber furnishings creating a happy, beachy environment. Concrete island tables, splashes of grey furnishings and rattan lamp shades with coastal colours were implemented throughout the design to achieve the relaxed coastal vibe.

All elements were based on enhancing the emotive responses of patrons and ultimately their end user experience. The goal of providing a remarkable experience; making it a dinner they will always remember and want to return to with friends!


500 sqm