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Inscape was proud to design & build Waterman’s Camberwell coworking retreat. This project featured bold and vibrant colours which eluded elegance, creativity and innovation within the workspace.

The design featured an orange ceiling which created a dynamic and energising atmosphere, reflecting the vibrancy and warmth of the community it served. The orange hue cascaded down, seamlessly blending with the earthy tones of the walls, invoking a sense of balance and harmony. Natural light flooded the space, enhancing productivity and fostering a connection with the outdoors. Additionally, the incorporation of sustainable materials and ergonomic furniture promoted well-being and environmental consciousness. This innovative design approach transformed Waterman’s Camberwell into a haven where collaboration thrives, ideas flourish, and individuals feel inspired to reach their full potential.

The layout of Waterman’s Camberwell was meticulously crafted to encourage interaction and collaboration among its diverse community of professionals. Open-concept work areas were interspersed with cozy nooks and communal spaces, providing options for both focused work and spontaneous discussions. The thoughtful curation of amenities, including a cutting-edge kitchen and designated focus zones, further enhanced the work-life balance of Waterman’s members. By fostering a sense of belonging and support, this coworking retreat became more than just a workspace—it became a thriving ecosystem where individuals could grow, connect, and succeed together.

“Waterman has been proud to partner with Inscape in bringing an incredibly vibrant and stunning space to Camberwell. Inscape worked hard to deliver our vision that incorporates a striking combination of workspaces and functional amenity, integrating the natural light of the location and the atmosphere and surrounds of Camberwell Place shopping centre seamlessly. Inscape’s expertise, creativity, and dedication has resulted in an attractive workspace that fosters collaboration and productivity and has already attracted and built an engaged community of businesses and individuals that are proud to work from this centre.”

The Waterman Team

Camberwell, Melbourne, VIC


Strategy, Design + Construction