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New Wave Office Chairs in Dubbo, Bathurst, Sydney, Orange

When someone says “office chairs”, what are the first thoughts that come to mind? Probably bland, uninspired, uncomfortable. The image in your mind isn’t winning any beauty contests: it has a drab finish, plain looking design, and could at best be defined as utilitarian. You might be surprised then, to learn that it needn’t be that way. In the 21st century, atypical and ergonomic are the words of the day, and the modern office setting is embracing the change.

What is meant by atypical?

This term refers to office chairs that don’t look like office chairs. Any chair designed primarily for another purpose but now used in the office would fall under this umbrella, but it generally applies to older chairs from bygone eras that have been revitalised and placed in the modern office setting. The results are quite impressive: upholstered dining room chairs, re-imagined for forward-thinking office spaces. Chippendale Chairs, once popular in the 18th century, painted brightly and arranged in conference rooms. The list goes on: comfy Eames Chairs and ottomans (a combination of plywood and leather) once thought the be a relic of the 1950s, are making a resurgence. Ghost Chairs, a fusion of baroque and modern sensibilities, add a sense of mysticism to any space, even a desk once inhabited by a boring office chair. Wooden Windsor Chairs, with the semi-circular backs, evoke a classic feeling that promotes calm creativity. Even the S-shaped Panton Chairs of the 1960s are making a comeback, and the way they fit easily into just about any contemporary office makes one think that they might have been ahead of their time.

Not looking to go retro?

Perhaps an ergonomic look is more suitable for what you had in mind? Ergonomic chairs are designed to contour to a person’s features, making them more comfortable overall. A good ergonomic chair provides support for the spine, arms, and legs. A far cry from the standard plastic or folding chair of the old office paradigm. Ergonomic chairs can usually pivot, and have an array of adjustable settings for the height of the chair, angle of the seat and backrest, etc. If that wasn’t enough to pique your interest, they also have wheels. Who doesn’t love wheeling around on slick mid-back office chair? Speaking of which, the range of shapes and sizes for ergonomic office chairs is also large. They can be made of leather, designed to sit high up, with large backs and lots of padding. They can be low to the ground, with a back that cuts off and leaves room to move around. They can have armrests, or not. Some are even built around exercise balls or other cushioned surfaces, creating a health-conscious look that is sure to please. Just as with atypical chairs, ergonomic chairs can be customised to fit any colour scheme. With so much variety, there isn’t much excuse to still be using bland office chairs in your workspace.

Where to go for New Office Chairs in Dubbo, Bathurst, Sydney, And Beyond

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