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Rejuvenating Office Furniture in Orange, Dubbo, Bathurst, Sydney

Does your office have easy chairs? How about loungers, ottomans, or roundtables? If you answered ‘no’ and you’re looking to attract a superior calibre of worker, you may need to reconsider your strategy. Among today’s top-talent, office furniture isn’t just there to serve a single purpose. Sure, you can sit on it, write on it, etc. but more and more furniture is being seen as an extension of the team and office culture. Furniture, it is now posited, should foster creativity, collaboration, and comfort. So, if you’re stuck in the past, there’s no better time than the present to start looking at some of the hot new items in office furniture.

Furniture to consider

The Adjustable Desk. Say goodbye to the days of assigned seating at clunky, closed off desks. Today’s big ticket workplace item is the adjustable height standing desk. It allows employees to work on their feet, provides freedom to move around eliminates the need for dedicated workstations. The office of the future more closely resembles a college campus than a stodgy boardroom, and the adjustable desk is just the thing to bring on that increased team spirit.

The Bench Desk. Furthering on the modern ideas of sharing and community is the bench desk. This piece of office furniture can be used just about anywhere in the building. A waiting room, a hallway, even the main work area can incorporate bench desks where employees can get together and brainstorm. They can be constructed from a range of materials to affect the mood of a space. Wooden frames for a warmer, friendlier appearance. Metallic frames for a stronger, more authoritative stance. Whatever your preference, the bench desk can be the perfect fit. It may be a subtle touch when present, but when it’s missing the absence is obvious.

Office Couch. Once solely the domain of waiting rooms and visitor areas, the office couch is now a staple in the workplace too. There’s no better cooperative setting than the couch. Employees can get together to share ideas or briefly socialise. The endless options in terms of size and shape for office couches means that you can fit them just about anywhere. They can be an accent piece in the corner, or a powerful mainstay and focal point for the office.

Lounger Chairs. Who says you can’t get work done in a reclined position? More and more, the idea of comfort in the workplace is taking hold, and the lounger chair is the piece of office furniture that speaks the most loudly on this front. Loungers can be sleek and unassuming, or they can be loud, heavy pieces that add strength to a room. The option to lean back and take it easy might seem like a drawback for a place of business, but comfortable workers are more capable of putting forth full effort, and you’re likely to see a rise in happiness, productivity, and cooperation among group members with a stylish lounger in your space.

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