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Things to Consider for Your Office Refit in Orange, Dubbo, Bathurst, Sydney

You might think that with the overwhelming amount of data out there on how modernised offices increase productivity that every workspace around was a colourful hive of productivity. Sadly, this isn’t yet the case, and you might be in the need of some assistance yourself. Are you ready to do an office refit? You may have some tentative plans, or even know exactly what you want your re-imagined office space to resemble. At Inscape, one of Australia’s leaders in construction and fit-out services, we provide office refits in Orange, Dubbo, Bathurst, Sydney, and other locations throughout the nation. We might be the solution you need for salvaging, updating, or beautifying your business, and we have some handy tips to keep in mind when thinking up your redesigned office.

Redesign Tips

  1. Wires, Begone! You’ve seen it before, the unnerving tangle of cords, wires, and clutter strewed about every desktop, floor space and work area. Before long, so there are so many intertwined fibres that they form an impenetrable braid of insulated cables, and you don’t know which one belongs to which device. A modern office should seek to eliminate that sort of confusion by incorporating fewer devices that require wiring, and in cases where wiring is necessary, concealing the wires with solutions such as cord clips, decorative boxes, baseboards, and other neat innovations.
  2. Multipurpose, Not Single Focus. Everything is diversifying, even work spaces. The same space might be used for a presentation one minute, a writing session the next minute, and then a coffee break right after that. This is why it is important for things to be adjustable where possible, accommodating for multiple employees.
  3. Space to Relax. More and more offices are incorporating comfortable spaces where employees can stretch out and accomplish their tasks. Instead of forcing workers to slave on for hours chained to a desk, there is freedom to move about the office, group together on larger pieces of office furniture, and enjoy the company of fellow team members. Spaces dedicated to providing a more relaxed atmosphere should be welcoming, and have the appropriate wireless and untethered technology in place so that transitioning from space to another is a breeze.
  4. Colour Coordination. The new thinking is that colour coordination aids in organisation. Grouping parts of the office, items, and furniture by hue helps to keep things in their place, and can even change the way employees think in a positive way. Research done on how colour affects humans suggests that the right palette can increase happiness, productivity, and creativity. A benefit for any business.
  5. It’s About Community. Workers, particularly those of the younger generation, cite higher interaction at work as one of their priorities. To achieve this, shared work spaces are becoming the norm rather than the exception. Large tables that seat 4-6 individuals are now common, as are couches, benches, and other fixtures that serve as hubs for employees to get together and perform as a unit.
  6. Nothing Is Forever. Increasingly, offices are moving towards a modular approach that allows for individual items and furniture to be moved around, repositioned, stacked on top of each other, and more. A dynamic office environment helps to keep employees excited and keeps work from feeling stagnant or repetitive.

Is It Time to Perform an Office Refit for Your Business?

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