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Inscape Projects Seven Tips for Returning to Work
Inscape Projects

Freedom Day has come and gone, but what does this mean for our employees and the workplace? We are nation of combined generations that is working from home more than any other generation in history – this is one of the biggest disruptions to the workforce and it is on the tip of the tip on tongue – how do we approach returning to work?

Inscape Projects are asking this question Is return to work, returning to work as we know it? Here is a message from our director and a few top tips on alleviating the adversity of the known, yet unknown landscape.

Inscape Director’s message – “It is our priority to keep the process of returning to work smooth and stress free for everyone. The health and wellbeing of staff are our joint priority and responsibility” – Bruce & Matthew Hales

Firstly, well done for getting double vaccinated. Can we say that to anyone? Do we encourage you to work 3 days from home 2 days in the office? HR are now in control of ratios and asking themselves what space and additional Covid cleaning? Let’s face it the landscape has been disrupted and we join our client partnerships in facing the challenges. Prior to Covid-19, we spent more time at work, than at home, and now the sanctity of home has an element of work. So how to we remove the stress, at work and at home – let’s focus on what we can control – at the heart of every profitable and sustainable business is our people and at Inscape we are focused on how do we improve their wellbeing?

Our seven tips for returning to work

  1. Workplace safety

It’s workplace health and safety month, people are anxious so the primary focus for all business should be planning a return-to-work policy that works for you, please email to see a copy of our internal return to work plan. Reassuring your staff of mitigation risks returning to work will empowers them to safely return to the workplace and recognises the trivial can “I ask this?” conversations.

  1. Be available & get honest feedback

Make yourself and your leadership team available to answer plenty of questions. Within our return to work plan we shared a feedback page, where staff were encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings on returning to the office. Something as simple as use of the End of Trip facility could be a game changer for an employee who kicks off their day with a workout. Remaining empathetic and exploring design elements available to support their needs. Conducting 360 wellbeing checks on employee feelings can be critical to being a first response if having your talent back in work and comfortable is important to you.

  1. Flexibility

All circumstances are different, something as simple as understanding how we get to our workplace can be a gamechanger for employees. Building trust with your staff is a huge factor here, if Covid has taught us anything is that being flexible with employees not only engages but also retains key personnel. Supporting staff in the transition back into work/life balance within separate roles and external commitments is cumbersome. For example – how handy is doing the washing whilst responding to emails? Is a laundry service in the building? Are your employees aware of the connectivity of your workspace? Does it feel like a home – or would plants aid in making your space more appealing, is it light and comfortably furnished? Be rigid in thinking, may have the opposite effect for business, as apposed to being positive and flexible.

  1. Teambuilding – “Let’s leave the hermit cave together”

What is your approach for team building now that we are leaving our caves and socially gathering again? Social events, joint projects, and interactions outside off the working realm should be encouraged to bring staff together and accelerate the shift into our unique environment. The staff interactions we have all missed during the last few months and the type of events staff will be itching to attend. We used our return-to-work plan to build on social events focusing on our team’s wellness. Such as a team office pub quiz/half virtual/half in the office – coffee check ins with new staff members and who’s who in the zoo to encourage lateral shared knowledge and collaboration.

  1. Encouraging each other on Wellbeing

As a part of Freedom Day, we also encouraged staff to take half the day to reconnect with their families. To celebrate with loved ones to support mental wellbeing and humanizing our work culture. Built upon our feedback response, departments have embraced the wellbeing movement. Our vision is that our people will carry forward coffee check ins and encourage collaborative working. Shared beliefs and connections amongst our peers will create opportunities for ideation and knowledge share, which ultimately enhances innovation. Whether it is a lunchtime walk or morning yoga, the benefits of exercise within our team reduces stress and improves moods – clear mind, ready to go. Our Mindful Mondays are supported by a team social event once a quarter are the positive outcome of the Covid distortion.

  1. Housekeeping and Maintenance

The office is a home away from home, but how is your garden looking? Plants will need to be watered or replaced, air conditioning filters will need to be cleaned, coffee machines and water systems will also need to go through a deep clean. Do you need a to plan to prepare the space for occupancy, with a preoccupancy inspection and deep clean programme? Using, lighting and greenery play a big part in staff productivity, studies have shown there are a variety of negative impacts on health that arises from poorly planned spaces. Use this period as a time to analyse and research into your surroundings and implement the results throughout the office to stimulate staff. We’re here to help with your next workplace strategy.

  1. Technology – Smarter not harder?

How much have we leaned on our process’? The aim of our technology is not to upsell you on the latest and great gadgets; but to streamline everyone’s tech so end users have the same experience simple and efficient. Tech could include – contactless sign in experience and evacuation plans that can log vaccination record or face ID that reads temperature control and allows access into a space on a recently completed healthcare project. No matter the challenge we stand shoulder to shoulder in help finding the solution for our clients.

We hope you have found our seven tips for returning to work insightful and these tips help to ease the process for a seamless and successful transition. Every day is a school day, in this post Covid era, we are not pushing the latest workplace trend by any stretch and certainly cannot promise the world in uncertain times. Our approach is simple, human focused. We would love to hear from you on any tips you gain from your return-to-work process.

Finally, it has been an interesting year for all of us but at Inscape we are excited for the future, and if you would like us to work on your next space – please feel free to reach us below! Be positive, be safe and be well on your journey back to work…