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One of Australia most experienced feature ceiling manufacturers, Supawood approached us to design and deliver new headquarters that showcase their position as a leading acoustic ceiling company while unlocking the potential of their build environment Supawoods former workplace, defined by high cubicles, perimeter offices and insufficient meeting spaces that hindered collaboration, seemed deserted even at peak occupancy. This move prompted the company to redefine their identity as a sophisticated feature ceiling firm.

Our designers seized on the company’s move to transform not just the physical environment but the very way in which staff works. Open plan workstations, accessible meeting areas positioned around a collaborative bench layout  now foster the rapid exchange of ideas amongst Supawoods evolving workforce. Increasing workstation efficiency also allowed our designers to allocate found space for collaboration zones and layout tables.

We’re sensitive to the impact of such a transformational shift in the work environment. Our team led a successful change management campaign that allowed us to alleviate concerns and demonstrate how this new workplace would affect office culture for the better. Employees are now engaged and empowered to work, learn and collaborate.

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